We can answer "yes" to all of the questions you should ask.

We are also a West Australian owned financial planning firm with no ties to any particular company or organisation. We hold an Australian Financial Services License which means we can provide advice on nearly all aspects of investment.

We meet the very strict requirements of S923a of the Corporations Act which allows us to claim genuine independence.

Our company is committed to holistic professional financial planning working closely with specialist Accounting and Legal firms. In many cases, this liaison will be with your existing accountants and lawyers.

We are aware of fees and charges and believe in full and frank disclosure. You will also find that by avoiding the use of expensive Master Trusts and the like, our fees are often lower than many alternatives. We also rebate any credits or bonuses that might be payable to us, directly to your account. In many cases, this reduces the costs on widely available products. In all cases, what we get paid is simply the flat fee you have agreed to pay us.

Every aspect of our investment recommendations are research based, derived from main-stream research providers such as Standard & Poors, Morningstar and others. This ensures that we avoid "obscure" investments which in many cases, can be higher risk.

Few companies in Western Australia can lay claim to having the same depth of knowledge and educational qualifications as our planners. All have completed one of a number of widely recognised Financial Planning qualifications with a minimum of 5 years experience. Importantly, we adopt a team approach where complex cases are discussed between us and can call on outside resources if required.