In essence, we offer a fully transparent fee arrangement.

Unlike many other financial planners, the flat fee means we are not pushing or trying to sell you any financial product. Like an architect's drawings, you will be provided with the full plan and if you need help building the plan? Well of course, we're here for that too.

It works like this.

An initial consultation where we discuss what you want to do including options, strategies and how we might approach your plan. Through that process, we might address all of the issues to your satisfaction without further work being required. Equally, we might mutually agree that we will be best able to assist you some time in the future and will agree on when that might be. For that reason, it's not free - because we're not trying to sell you anything. The cost for this is almost always $350 unless there are special circumstances.

The bottom line is this: We may agree that your existing arrangements are more than suitable. In this case, we will recommend no further work is required. We will only recommend further assistance where we can genuinely add demonstrable value. Not changing anything, may well be the best advice for you.

At your choice and for a flat fee (which we will know after we meet with you to assess what's required), we can develop a comprehensive plan that looks into all aspects of your finances. This provides fully detailed options, strategies and specific recommendations to allow you to achieve the outcomes you are seeking. This is a significant, detailed document and would allow you to "do it yourself" in most cases. Needless to say, these recommendations will incorporate specific requirements you may have. For example "I want to make sure that I can leave $50,000 to my friend when I am gone".

Only if you elect to have us manage your investments for you, an implementation fee will apply. Our recommendations utilise mainstream, low cost investments based on independent research. We do not believe Self Managed Superannuation Funds are suited to most Australians.

It's also worth noting that in twenty nine years of giving advice, no NCBA client has ever been caught in a "failed" investment.

Why ?

Because we are as cautious as you are. Our underpinning test is: "would you put your Mum's money into it" ?
Simple - but it works.

Ongoing care fee. If you want us to work with you over the years, have unlimited access to your planner, get us to do the "Fiddly things" like filling in forms and liaising with organisations like Centrelink, opt for this. In fact, 99 percent of our clients use this service having been more than happy what we have done to that stage.

It also explains the waiting list. Once you become a client of NCBA, you'll want to stay a client of NCBA.

All up, the total costs will be less than you think and we know that in some cases, we charge less than half the annual costs of our competition. Equally, we now cap the fees to ensure that size of portfolio is irrelevant to our advice.

One of Australia's best Financial Planning firms is also one of the best on price.

That's why there's a waiting list to see our planners.

Please read our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information on fees and charges.