N.C. Bruining & Associates Pty Ltd are an Australian Financial Services Licensee based in Midland Western Australia with an office in Subiaco.

We have no ownership links to any institution or fund manager whatsoever.

Ours is a small practice, specialising primarily in pre & post retirement planning with extensive experience in comprehensive retirement income strategies maximising Centrelink benefits and other retiree concessions. As professional financial planners, we are committed to a holistic approach dealing with all aspects of comprehensive financial planning.

Our main areas of expertise are in the lead up to and throughout retirement. Including but not limited to:

* Comprehensive retirement income strategies incorporating
- maximising Centrelink Benefits.
- minimising tax
- low risk approach
- liaising with Government departments on your behalf, including Centrelink & DVA
- detailed planning of how funds are distributed when you die

* Comprehensive pre retirement strategies incorporating
- forward planning of retirement expenditure including regular income and lump sums
- optimising net tax position to boost savings capacity
- low risk approach to strategies and investments

* Extensive Aged Care financial advice
- ACAT assessment advice on best strategies to reduce costs
- detailed analysis on whether to retain or sell the family home
- maximising Centrelink income
- direct liaison with and on behalf of families with aged parents

Importantly, our advice is not driven by investments. How much you have is irrelevant because our objective is to develop the best strategy for you and your circumstances.

Our principal Financial Planner is Nick Bruining CFP, a planner with more than 28 years experience.

David McGregor CFP works from our Subiaco office as a planner with a number of years of experience and was previously a senior Centrelink officer.

Annette Sinclair brings many years of experience as a senior officer in Centrelink. She is an expert on matters dealing with retirement income and aged care accomodation. She operated as the equivalent of a financial planner within Centrelink for many years

Ben Coombe is a Financial Planner who has worked with a major Australian Fund manager for several years and brings many years of inside knowledge to the firm. He works alongside David McGregor from our Subiaco office.

In 27 years, we have only appointed 6 financial planners. That's because we don't employ financial advisers because of their sales ability but on their technical ability and their ethical approach to clients.

Using that as a starting point ?

- Very few get through our selection process.

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