Welcome to one of Australia's most respected and trusted financial planning firms.

Our team of very experienced planners, is well known for providing straight forward, practical and conservative advice. As one of the few planning firms in Australia with absolutely no ownership links to any Fund Manager, Product manufacturer, Bank or other Institution, our advice is tailored to your specific situation.
Quite simply, our product is our advice.

For new clients we offer:

* Quotation before any work done.
* Capped, fixed fees not linked to how much you have invested.
* Complete service, including liaison with government departments on your behalf.
* If we can't genuinely add value to your circumstances and explain how, we'll tell you.

We can't be fairer than that.

We are one of a handful of firms in Australia providing advice on that basis.

We do not operate or promote any investments associated in any way with our firm. We only use main-stream, well known, low cost investment products when required.

These products are used, not sold.

No commissions*, kickbacks or nasty surprises. Just good advice based on knowledge, wisdom and research.

Whether its retirement, redundancy or just getting a handle on your finances, why not join the hundreds of other West Australian families that trust us to help them?

Call to talk to one of our planners now or follow the links above to find out a bit more about us.

* We are currently completing a 6 month program which will see all clients moved to a flat fee charging system. This includes any client with a commission or percentage based fee on their investments of any sort. It also includes all insurances which means life insurance premiums on existing and new policies can be reduced by hundreds of dollars each year. No exceptions. All clients will be on a fully transparent, adviser fee system where you can discontinue our fees if we don't keep our promise.
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